Introduction by our Head of Marketing & Communications

Ms. Arimi Barbra Teddy   


I am pleased to introduce to you the Fund’s sustainability report.

For many businesses across the globe, 2021/2022 has been a year of recovery from the economic shocks occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic. The recovery trajectory at the Fund was not so different from the rest of the world.

Sustainability focus

Nevertheless, the Fund scored notable sustainability achievements in areas that promote the environment and social wellbeing of the communities in which we operate. Certain community support initiatives that had been postponed at the onset of the pandemic were partially resumed during the year.

Our sustainability efforts were intensified in six main areas, as follows:


  • Climate action
  • Consumer health and wellbeing
  • Electricity conservation
  • Water stewardship
  • The well-being of our people and those across our value chain; and
  • Our contribution to our local communities.

Details of how the Fund performed in these areas are reflected in this report.

Sustainability highlights

One of the winners of the Hi-Innovator programme receiving a dummy cheque worth USD30,000 on Pitch day

I would like, however, to highlight one of the sustainability achievements that stood out in the financial year 2021/2022; this being the Fund’s intervention to expand employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth for its members and communities.

This was driven through the Fund’s innovation programme; the Hi-Innovator, where the Fund supported over 1,500 individuals with entrepreneurial skills and business development support services as well as financing 27 businesses with seed capital of USD 30,000 each.

This is projected to create at least 132,000 jobs within 5 years. Photo is in the sustainability folder

Other interventions in this line are through the Fund’s financial wellness programme and the Career Expo. Details of our impact through these interventions are included in our report.
NSSF officials and Centenary Bank General Manager, Marketing Beatrice Lugalambi (2nd L), at the NSSF Smart Card internal launch event

New products in the “Now you Can” universe

The Fund is further committed to improving its sustainability initiatives through developing new financial solutions to improve quality of life and generate other positive social impacts, empowering our members and all citizens of Uganda to take charge of their financial future. This is now possible with provisions of the new NSSF Amendment Act 2022.


Our focus in the new year will be to explore the opportunities presented by the Act, especially by developing new products that are relevant to our members.


We are already in the advanced stages of developing an education savings plan, plus a savings plan that will allow our members to save more money on top of the mandatory 15%. We urge all members to take charge of their retirement with these new products, once rolled out.


Yes, Now you Can!