Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

At NSSF, the social and environmental matters are an important consideration in how we do business, including our corporate governance systems, risk management and controls, human capital management, approach to serving customers, support for local communities and management of our real estate constructions.

The Fund is dedicated to providing a green management ideology to contribute to lives of humanity and the preservation of the environment by conducting our business activities in a way that respects people and nature. We choose methods of least impact to the environment when executing all our projects. Like all businesses, we are reliant on a range of natural resources to carry out our operations. We recognise that there are limits to these resources and for a sustainable business, we need to operate within those limits.

We are committed to reducing consumption of natural resources that are used in all our business operations. We are working to combat climate change; taking a sustainable approach to waste management; and minimising usage of water resources and energy. The Fund also continues to invest in ESG compliant companies.

Every year we perform environmental risk assessments on all the Fund projects in partnership with the National Environmental Authority (NEMA). Furthermore, the Fund has a Water and Energy Management Policy, which is aligned to the international standard ISO 14001:04 that aims to ensure efficient use of resources and aiding in monitoring and controlling  environmental issues which make a positive contribution to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) as illustrated in the report.

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) granted a provisional BCA green mark award (certified) for Lubowa Housing Development. Once construction has been completed, the Fund will ensure that the green features are verified in accordance with environmental sustainability performance requirements. Our Lubowa Housing Estate (Solana Lifestyle & Residences) scooped this year’s award for Best Residential Development in Uganda at the International Property Awards. We are proud to have won this!

We are also on course to getting the Green Building Certification for the Pension Towers project—expected to be completed in 2023, and the Temangalo Housing Project—expected to be completed in 2024. Moreover, we aim to reduce energy costs by about 10% in the next two years by the use of automatic lighting systems, energy-efficient fittings/ appliances, and prepaid meters on the properties we manage like; Workers House, Social Security House, Jinja and Mbarara City Buildings.